Sunday, May 11, 2014

#UOSM2008 Topic 5: My personal feedback

This post should be regarded as a personal feedback for the 2 weeks of the topic 5 (#UOSM2008). I would like to be treated as a response to the content of the course, thus it is here to help it.

Pros for topic 4:

1. Interesting articles. This topic gave many interesting articles.
2. Many arguments. There have been founded a lot of amazing pro and cons arguments regarding the openness concept.
3. A lot of interaction. This topic seems to be the most interactive subject of the course. Being the last one or the interest shown for openness might have contributed to the  immense flow of information, which was generated by students.

Cons for topic 5 :

1. No video lecture. This topic has not provided a video lecture such that the student has a clear reference of its starting point. The psychological relation with the University is affected because the student is not able to get in touch in a video-audio way with the teacher. Even if the online courses are self-learning, there are video lectures where the teacher explains the main concepts and then let the student to do the research. 

2. No notes for this topic. There were no explicit points which have to be understand by the student. These notes can serve as an anchor for the topic.

3. Useless resource. This resource brings no explicit or fresh information for the topic 5

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