Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#UOSM2008 Topic 4 - Reflective Summary

Even in the modern society, the voice of ethical side of the Internet, face us every day. This perspective is pointed out by its two important categories which play a very important role. On the one hand educational field consists of a set of issues raised by the digitization of the education. On the other hand, the business area took advantage of the social media services and pointed us a lot of interesting ethical problems. Thus, the topic 4 has discussed these two kinds of ethical issues and their implications.

Initially, I felt that the ethical side of using social media services seems a trivial issue in the modern life. For me, the most significant change which will remain after this topic, will be the power of the social network in the real life and the fact that their implications can reach the personal integrity. After the required readings I have changed my mind regarding this subject. The example of #hasjustinelandedyet, where a simple but racist message posted by an important employ of a corporation on Twitter, showed me the consequences of social media networks on personal life. Even if the number of followers of Justine has not been big, the propagation of the content painted a picture of the modern live, where we should be aware of everything we create and share.

Having read all the necessary articles and after discussions with my colleges, I now realize and feel the implication of these social networks. Hence, I have started to improve my online activity, to be aware of its consequences. Alternatively, the topic have strongly enhanced my believe regarding the modern education and its big number of alternatives to learn. Not only that we can see with a time barrier the lectures online, but we can see others opinions regarding the topic. Indeed, these opinions still remain under a ethical question mark: should we trust or not them ? These skills gained from readings made me to understand that is important to read them and not to treat as a starting point but as simple opinions.

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