Sunday, March 23, 2014

#UOSM2008 Topic 4: My personal feedback

This post should be regarded as a personal feedback for the 2 weeks of the topic 4 (#UOSM2008). I would like to be treated as a response to the content of the course, thus it is here to help it.

This articles is driven by 'The power of honest speech values more than the shame of unspoken but wrong thoughts' (Cristian Sima).

Pros for topic 4:

  1. Interesting event. The event in which has been evolved the IRC PR executive, Justine Sacco, made me a pleasant surprise to understand the power of social media on personal life. Even if, the posted message was a real offence, because of its quick spreading, the side effects have been dramatic for Justine.

Cons for topic 4:
  1. No video lecture. This topic has not provided a video lecture such that the student has a clear reference of its starting point. The psychological relation with the University was interrupted because the student is not able to receive in a video-audio way, the teacher and the main points of the topic.
  2. No notes for this topic. I have tried to access the notes for this course from the blog, but it seems, they were not there.
  3. Feeling lost and frustrating. This topic has not provided a starting point in order to make me to understand the principles of social ethics, but I feel confused because I can not see its main traits.
  4. Difficult to find the necessary content. For example, in order to find relative information, I had to search among the Google results for the event #hasjustinelandedyet . Also,I can say that I was very difficult for me to browse through the huge mess of articles in order tot find the one which I have to read. 
  5. A few resources presented. Compared with the previous topic, this one had just a few articles. It is a good idea to present more articles, even if some of those may be marked as optional. [updated] After 10 minutes, I observed that there are 3 links at the bottom of the page. Firstly, I thought they are on the reading list from the blog. I suggest to put together the links in the reading list and to remove the presentation (see point 5 why I think this may be a good idea).
  6. The number of resources was not clear. The initial number of main resources which has been deduced from the reading list was for me 4 + that Google search. Then, after I saw the other 3 links. A benefit of presenting all the necessary resources once (and not using a depth first search method is that the student can plan its necessary time to finish all these articles.
  7. Useless presentation having non-academical style. The presentation from this page have been useles from my point of view. It did not provided information regarding the subject, how the project has been realized and so on. Many of its slides are not suitable for a professional presentation (wrong resolution images, no labeled graphs, lack of hint for figures, etc)
  8. Dead links This link is dead. It comes from the page when I clicked on SMiLE link. Also, from there is this link which is dead

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  1. Hi Cristian,
    Thank you for your comments. This course is not about a "teacher" providing "lectures" and specific materials that you "have to" read. The notes are simply that - notes to get you started on reading/watching/listening around the topic. The content comes from your own posts about each topic, the posts of your colleagues, the subsequent discussions and finally the reflections that are generated - as explained in class and in the Study Guide ( )